INTERACT was created out of a longing to make a lasting contribution to our communities and the industry of sport.

Who We Are

Our Background

INTERACT. Driving new initiatives. Effecting change.

INTERACT started out in 2014 by developing sport business meetings that were aimed at fostering coordinated, industry wide efforts in regional sport. We wanted to generate positive actions through serious debate instead of simply assembling people together for unproductive talk.

We built two Sport Industry Forums in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we made them unique. We made them invitation only meetings. We excluded press so our attendees were comfortable speaking their mind. We focused on content. And the forums were a success because they made a difference.

Today we still run our Sport Industry Forums. And we also run other events.

We run working groups on increasing youth participation in sport and corporate wellness that bring leaders from government and the private sector together. We also launched the region's first sport business newsletter - the Sport Industry Insider.

We own and operate The Dash, a series of relay races and accompanying activity villages, which allow different communities to engage in healthy and accessible physical activity.

All of our activities have a common theme. They are designed to make a difference to industries, communities, companies, employees and families.


Our vision is a legacy of a healthier and more active generation, achieved through improving opportunities in sport, health and wellbeing.

  • Inspire and educate through high level topical debate, engagement and activity
  • Provide unique and valuable experiences to the communities and industries in which we work
  • Make sport and physical activity more accessible to all

Excellence | Intelligence | Integrity | Dedication | Positivity